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Business Insurance

Business Insurance Tailored to You

True business protection starts and ends with the details. Detailed, tailored coverage beats cookie-cutter policies because it identifies and targets the unique risk areas facing your business. And with Society, that’s exactly the type of coverage you get.

We’ve built our business insurance products from the ground up to deliver refreshingly comprehensive coverage that focuses on the details that matter most. Working alongside small businesses for nearly a century has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with the issues you’re most likely to face. Besides you, no one knows your business like Society.

Our policies deliver in-depth coverage tailored to your company’s industry. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or medical clinic, your policy is specially crafted to fit the unique needs and challenges of your business.

And when a covered loss interrupting "business as usual" does arise, our no-nonsense approach sets us apart from the competition. Take, for example, the way we handle loss of business income claims. Unlike other companies, we don’t require 72 hours to pass before your coverage kicks in. We simply cover it from the start, which may save you thousands of dollars in losses that wouldn’t be covered by other insurance companies.

Being a Midwest born-and-raised insurance company gives us regional risk insight only a native would know. Our business is built toward providing outstanding commercial insurance for Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

When you think about it, some of the very things that make Society Insurance just like you are exactly what set us apart from other insurance companies.

See how those details make a difference when it comes to your business coverage.  


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