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Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

The perfect recipe for your industry

What do you get when you combine significant square footage, perishable inventory, sensitive electronic systems and customer data, heavy foot traffic (not to mention a busy parking lot), large amounts of cash and employees operating heavy equipment? Some insurance companies would call it an impossible risk. At Society, we just call it a supermarket—and we plan our coverage accordingly so you get the protections you need most.

Our GRO-SURE program was developed with the expertise of top independent insurance agents and ensures that every risk your business faces is identified, considered and adequately covered.

For example, when a power outage starts spoiling your food, Society’s no-wait, no-deductible loss of business income coverage kicks in immediately. While other insurance companies won’t reimburse you for the first 72 hours, we know you start losing business the moment you lose power and cover you accordingly.

And if you’re a member of the Wisconsin Grocers Association, you’ll receive exclusive benefits for your workers compensation insurance.

Open up our complete supermarket and grocery coverage for a look at all the details.