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Risk Control Library

Society’s Risk Control team provides handouts and useful websites online to help facilitate your safety and health efforts.

Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

Crime Prevention
Electrical Safety
Fall Prevention
Fire Protection
Food Service Safety
Occupational Safety
Risk Management
Safety and Health
Slips and Falls
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*Note: All sites mentioned here have free content, but a few require subscription to gain more detail.  If you have additional Risk Management, Insurance, Safety and Health sites that you think would be beneficial, please make a suggestion to us.  We will look at them for relevancy, but do not guarantee that we will place them on our site.

Society Insurance does not promote, endorse, support or recommend any particular vendor.  Some of the example websites may contain samples of how a policy can be worded.  Actual policies in use by business are, in some cases, more complex and, in other cases, less.  You may want legal counsel to review your policy.

This information is advisory and it must not be assumed that it has detected all unsafe acts or conditions.  This information is designed to assist you in recognizing potential safe work problems and not to establish compliance with any law, rule or regulation.